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40 Ways To Get Referrals!

how-to-get-referrals-now1Several people have been asking me how I’m able to get hundreds of referrals on the many programs that I use, so I decided to make a blog post to share my techniques. Here are 40 ways to get referrals!

1. Set a goal! Be patient and work consistently!                                                      

It’s very important for you to set goals when you’re trying to gain referrals for programs that you’re using. Personally, I use several programs to make money online, on my iPhone and on social networks. My best tip to offer is to choose the top 5 to 10 programs that you would like to gain referrals for. These top 5 to 10 programs should have a high reward for referring members. For example, a program that pays you $1 for each referrals or allows you to earn 25% of your referral’s earnings.

Also, be patient and work consistently to get a step closer to your goal each day. Getting referrals can be a difficult task for some but hard work and consistency will help it to become an easy task. Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and set a goal. Then, do everything you can to achieve your goal! Be honest and share your success with the programs and people will naturally navigate towards you, asking you how you did it.

2. Do NOT bother your friends and family!                                                    

9 times out of 10, most friends and family members are often very skeptical when it comes to joining anything, especially ways to make money online (in my case). Focus on building new relationships through social networking sites instead. Your friends and family might join you when they see that you’re successful.

Talk to at least 5 to 10 strangers daily a day to practice your communication skills and get to know them. This can be through the various social networking programs, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as in person.

Don’t spam your info, like many others do, by just sending your referral links to them right at the beginning of a conversation. This will look very desperate & unprofessional! A better idea is to search on Twitter for people that are interested in making money online or whatever you’re promoting. For example: If someone tweets “I’m looking for ways to make money online.” Introduce yourself and tell them that you may have opportunities that they may be interested in.

3. Start a blog!

Starting a blog is a great way to reach your target audience! There are many things to learn when it comes to blogging and it takes a lot of time and skills, but once you get the hang of it, it will be so easy and you’ll get a better advantage to get free targeted traffic from the search engines if you do it correctly.

Simply create a free blog with WeeblyBlogger or WordPress and start writing content. You could also do what I did, and purchase a domain from NameCheap and web hosting from BlueHost to control your blog, content and even make money from ads being on your website. You can learn more about this option by checking out my post, How To Start A Blog!

This will costs you no more than $100-$120 per year. That’s $8.33+ to $10 a month to run your own blog or website. There are many benefits to having a self hosted (paid) website versus a free one. You can generate opportunities to earn money through advertising, services and paid blog posts.

There is enough information about blogging out there to develop a system of writing and presenting information. Add new unique content regularly and learn about SEO, which is keyword research, to optimize your blog for high search engine ranking.

4. Write reviews!

Use your free or paid blog or website to write reviews about any programs that you have been successful with. Writing reviews will build your credibility with others. It will also help you to get more visitors to your blog over time.

5. Search for social networking and business networking sites to share you referral links!

This is a great way to share any programs that you’re using with like-minded people. These people are usually open to learning new ways to earn residual income or be interested in what you’re sharing.


6. Share your referral links in a visual form! Use banners!

Most people just promote referral links in text form, but we have to realize that people are visual beings. If you create a free or paid blog, you can advertise your referral link in a banner form to catch people’s attention. For example, the banner below is on the main page of my website. The subject text is “Companies That Have Paid Me!”. This banner leads to my payment proofs. Payment proofs are picture proofs of the payments that I received from being a member at various money making companies and websites.


7. Attach your referral link in your email signature!

If you’re sending out several emails on a daily basis, then you should definitely add your referral link in your email signature. It’s an easy way to share what you do with others without being pushy.

8. Leave comments on other websites or blogs!

Leave relevant comments on other websites and blogs, sharing alternative referral links that are similar to the ones that they’re using.

9. Backlink from partners!

If you have a website or blog about PTC you can also link to other PTC blogs as your partners and have them link back to your blog as well.

10. Submit your blog posts to article directories!

This will give you more backlinks and exposure to your content.

11. Guest posting on blogs!

Reach out to other bloggers and ask to write a guest post about your on other blogs.

12. Use downline builders!

A downline builder is a website where you can advertise multiple websites, blogs, PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists or other affiliate programs in one place. It’s the perfect solution for people who don’t know how to build their own website or blog and the best thing is that you can get viral traffic from your downline! The more referrals you have in your downline builder, the more traffic you can get. You can add your info to downline builders here!

13. Use Email Marketing Programs!

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using emails. It usually involves using emails to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. See our complete list of Email Marketing Sites here!

14. Use images of your payment proofs!

Upload images of your payment proofs with your website or referral link on it to your website or blog and use the “alt tag” to enter specific keywords like “Name-of-your-PTC-Site + Payment Proof” so it will be indexed in the search engines. Post the payment proof with your referral link wherever you can. For example,  on Email marketing, traffic sites, PTC review sites and social media.

15. Use Traffic Exchanges!

Some people say that using Traffic Exchanges to get referrals doesn’t work but they are simply doing it the wrong way. I have developed my own strategy to get referrals from Traffic Exchanges and you can read the entire strategy on my Get Referrals and Traffice Exchange Sites pages!

16. Use text ad exchanges!

A text ad is a type of online ad that contains words rather than an images. When viewed on a search results page such as Google, a Google AdWords text ad consists of a headline, two lines of text, and a display URL. A text ad can be found in both search results and contextual or content pages.See our complete list of Text Ad Sites here! You could also do a Google search for free text ad exchanges… there are many of them.

17. Use banner ad exchanges!

A banner ad is a form of advertising that entails the portion of a picture advertisement on a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. See our complete list of Banner Ad Sites here!
18. Use referral exchange sites!
Referral exchange sites are similar to traffic exchanges but you can only click a certain amount of ads each day to earn credits and advertise your own referral links. You can also sign up to websites from other members to earn credits or create your own sign up offers. Here are a few sites:

19. Search for people with similar interests on Social networking sites!

You can search for people with similar interests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking sites to connect with them. If you search for specific keywords. you will be able to find people easier.

20. Build groups on Facebook or other social networking sites!

I have built multiple groups for different niches on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise my blog posts, affiliate products or referral links. See my list to Get Referrals here!

21. Use Social Media Exchange sites!

These programs will direct exposure to your social networking profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. These programs will also provide direct exposure to your product, business or website for free. See our complete list of Social Media Exchange Sites here!

What will increase using Social Media Exchange Sites?

  • Website Traffic
  • Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares
  • Twitter Followers, Twitter Favorites, Twitter ReTweets, Twitter Tweets
  • Google Plus Ones, Google Circles
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Youtube Video Likes, Youtube Subscribers, Youtube Video Views
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Soundcloud Followers, Soundcloud Listeners
  • Myspace Friends
  • Reverbnation Fans
  • Delicious Followers, Delicious Saves

22. Create How-To videos!

This is one of the best ways to get referrals if you do it correctly! Create “how to” videos, reviews or tutorials and upload them to multiple video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and other free video hosting platforms. Use specific keywords in your video title and description and don’t forget to add your referral link in the description. Click Here for a big list of sites where you can upload your videos. is a great site to use.

23. Create animated videos!

Using animated videos helps you to promote your topic of choice in a visual way. You can create your own video or order a video through Fiverr or any of these micro gig jobs here!

24. Use forums!

Forums are a very good place to meet new like minded people. Forum marketing is also one of the best ways to get active direct referrals for your referral links. The key is to start engaging discussions so that other members will leave a comment on your posts. Introduce yourself first and leave 3-5 valuable and relevant comments in the forum before you add your referral links in your signature or advertise your referral links in the advertising section.

Visit the forum regularly to post new comments or start a new discussion each week and you will soon get referrals on autopilot.


25. Use classified ads!

There are thousands of classified ad sites to post your referral link ads for free! This allows you to promote your referral links to hundreds and thousands of people. Here are a few classified sites:

26. Write your own ebook!

An ebook is an electronic format of a regular book. The only difference between a regular book and an ebook is that ebooks are not printed on paper. Ebooks are published in a large variety of electronic file formats (PDF files for exmaple) and can therefore be acquired in formats appropriate for almost any hardware device. Ebooks can be downloaded in a matter of minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. Ebooks come in all different sizes, depending on the length of the book and the number of images. A novel of about 300 pages can be downloaded in a matter of minutes.
You can write your own ebooks for free. You can write a 10 to 30+ page ebook on any subject that you please. You can share your content and referral links and then submit it to multiple ebook directories like:

27. Get more free traffic in other niches!

If you have a specific interest or hobby, you could create a website or blog about your favorite topic and place your referral link banners on your site. Be creative to draw hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your website or blog!

28. Use  data entry workers!

Many people from India, Philippines, Bangladesh or Pakistan and other countries are trying to make money online with data entry websites. Find these people on forums, websites, blogs, Facebook groups, classified sites etc. and invite them to your referral links.

29. Use Radio advertisements!

There are thousands of small radio stations who will advertise your website or blog for a very cheap price.

30. Create business cards and pass them out!

Order affordable business cards sharing your website or blog with your social media contact information, email address and a number. Practice your communication skills and show them a proof of your results.

31. Use custom made shirts!

Get custom made shirts with a link to your website or blog and give them away in stores, sport clubs or small or large organizations. Imagine having hundreds of people wearing your shirts and advertising your website for free!


32. Create a one page flyer!

You create a one page flyer an pin it to billboards or blackboards at schools, grocery shops, waiting rooms and many other places.

33. Talk to neighbors! Talk to fellow students on college campus!

Neighbors are great potential clients. Since they know you, they may be more willing to sign up. College campus is a great place to find newbies who never heard about making money online. You should have your own blog or website to advertise all of your referral links and teach them how to use the sites. Put a flyer or business card on every bike/car and find some other good places.

There are many different ways to get referrals using business cards and flyers! You may print your own flyers or business cards at home or search for ‘free business cards’ on Google. Click Here to get 500 business cards at Vistaprint for $9.99 plus shipping! When you sign up, you can get a $10 voucher for every friend who makes an order.

34. Drop flyers or business cards in the letterbox in the neighborhood!

This is not the best way to get referrals for your referral links but you might get some people that may be interested in learning more about the programs.

35. Go to local small businesses or computer labs and leave your flyers or business cards!

Ask small businesses and local computer labs for permission to leave a stack of flyers and business cards for people interested. You could negotiate a deal with the business owner for every 10 people that sign up and make money, they get a percentage or gift. You could also promote those small businesses on you website in exchange for them allowing you to place you information on their counter.

36. Do offline presentations at parties or events!

A great way to get people to sign up on the spot is by showing them your success or earnings. You can also show them how to get started right away. You can simply use a laptop, tablet or your mobile phone.

37. Promote your blog or website on your car!

If you have a car you can order a car sticker at Vistaprint simply put a piece of paper on your window with your website or referral link and park it at heavily populated places.

38. Write your referral link or website address on every dollar bill you have!

This is a way to get free referrals from curious people who actually look at their money.

39. Advertise in your local newspaper or magazines!

This is well worth doing but you should create your own website or blog first because you may get a greater turnout than you think. People look in classifieds everyday for ways to make money or earn residual income.

40. Advertise on PTC or GPT sites!

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get referrals. You can advertise your referral links for free or for a low price. If you are advertising your few things that you should be aware of or you will just waste a lot of money using paid advertising.

1. Use a landing page and autoresponder to collect emails
2. Always track your results
3. Test your ads and then scale it up

I recommend Neobux, Clixsense or Adhitprofits if you want to get traffic fast! If you want to buy the cheapest ads and get steady results, then you can use Cashcamel or Cashtream.


Remember that your success always depends on the success of your own referrals! It’s important to have a team. The more active referrals you have, the better chance you have at reaching your goals. If your referrals don’t do well, they will quit and you will earn less commissions. That’s why it’s so important to connect with your referrals personally and educate them on how to get referrals of their own. Feel free to share these 40 ways to get referrals with others so they can learn how to become successful just like you!

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