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5 Tips on How to Increase Your Twitter Followers!


Tips on How to Increase Twitter Followers

1) Maintain Visibility of Your Tweets – Try tweeting as often as possible. If you have to choose one time during the day to tweet your Twitter followers, then tweet during the afternoon. The highest volume of Twitter retweets by followers is between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.visibility-10bff8cca2cb7e2b74cae5f6cd277319

2) Get Support by Tweeting @ People – The goal here is to have conversations with followers that have a strong following. There followers will see your Twitter handle every time the your follower responds to your conversation.


3) Show Twitter Followers Retweet Love – Keep track of which followers retweet your tweets everyday. If one of your Twitter followers retweets your message, then follow them or thank them for showing you support. Even giving them a shoutout for support works.


4) Share Unique and Likable Content – Your Twitter followers want to see tweets that have unique content. Also, content like quotes, sayings, social media and Twitter have the greatest chance of getting shared. If your content is shared, then your account handle is usually shared with it. This can increase your free Twitter followers daily if it is done right. l-is-for-likeable

5) Be the First to Tweet It – Twitter has become the first to break news for important events. If you stay on top of the news, then you can tweet out unique information and opinions before anyone else does. Use hashtags for these news events, and you will get increased visibility when the topics begin to trend.


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