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Account Suspended At @AdPerTweets!


I have been a member at AdperTweets since January 2012 and on October 21, 2013, my account was been suspended. I’m highly disappointed in this company for several reasons.

I withdrew my earnings of $54.79 at the end of August 2013. When I emailed the company, I was told that my withdraw request didn’t go through. I withdrew my earnings again, by that time I accumulated $98. I received an email 1-2 days later stating that my account was suspended due to clicks. I was also told that I will be paid $90 on November 8, 2013. On November 8, 2013, I received ONLY $50. I emailed the company again and was told that they made a typo on the amount, which I know is untrue.

I’ve referred more that 2 dozen people to the website and some of their accounts have been suspended too.

Later on in the month, I received an email stating that my account was renewed and I can start sharing ads on Twitter but I’m a bit skeptical now.


2 Responses so far.

  1. I had earned $100 or $150 they closed by account – I never received any money. I referred lots of people, and they will not respond to my emails or give me the money that I made.

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