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Build Your Social Media Presence with ZootRock! (@ZootRock)

zootrock_image2-v2ZootRock is a social media platform that automatically curates your tweets so you can focus on building your business. They claim to increase engagement, followers and activity on your social media accounts without you lifting a finger!

Curated Content

You can choose from over 120 curated streams that focus on topics so you can deliver great relevant content for your audience.

Content for your Niche

You can enter a phrase specific to your niche and they’ll deliver the trending articles for your key phrase.

People love Quotes!

Quotes are amongst the most shareable content on the internet today. You can choose your quote topics to tweet inspirational, funny or profound quotes.

Add your favorite sources

Add your own blog and any other sources of content you love to your custom stream to be shared on your social network accounts.

Manual Approval or Auto-Pilot

ZootRock can post automatically to your channels or you can review and edit your content before it goes out.
Right now, there’s a 30 day free trial promotion. No credit card required.
I signed up on 7/22/14. In 30 days, I will share an updated review of the program.


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