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Tweetsta is a Twitter marketplace for buying and selling tweets. Its free and very easy to use! All you need to do is register for a Tweetsta account with your PayPal email, then log in and link your twitter account to your Tweetsta account. Once linked you can set the price per tweet for your twitter account.



This is my account!

As a publisher, you can set your price for advertisers to buy tweets on your account.

For example, if you set the price at $20 per tweet: an advertiser could purchase a tweet from you for $20, write a 140 character message, and then post it on your twitter account. Tweetsta takes care of all this behind the scenes.

As an advertiser, Tweetsta gives you the ability to hand pick accounts that are relevant to your cause and purchase a tweet on their account.

Unlike many other twitter adverting sites, Tweetsta gives you the ability to write your message exactly as you want it and see it posted on the account instantly.

Promoting ideas:
I recommend that you share your personal link at least 2 times a day. (You can download the Hootsuite app or sign up to to schedule your tweets)

Here’s my message:

“Need to instantly promote or advertise on Twitter? Tweet instantly through my account to 26,100+ people at via @Tweetsta!”


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