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Create Your Own Online Jobs at OneDollarr! (@OneDollarrStore)

One Dollarr is an online marketplace that allows people to create online services for $1 or more per gig/job. You are also able to purchase services from sellers for $1. When you withdraw your earnings, fees do apply (One Dollarr gets 30% of your earnings). You will receive 70 cents per 1 dollar.

As a buyer, you can find services like:

  • Promoting info on Twitter accounts ( I do this!)
  • Advertising banners on websites  ( I do this!)
  • Promoting info on Facebook accounts
  • Creating website designs
  • Creating banners
  • Helping others gain Twitter followers
  • Helping others gain Facebook fans
  • Writing a song
  • Making cartoon drawings
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation
  • Publishing or proofreading eBooks
  • And much more…

As a seller, you can create a gig/job for $1. You are able to add how many orders of the specific gig that a buyer can purchase. You can also add additional jobs onto an existing gig for $1 or more. Your gig will begin with a sentence that looks like this:

I will ________________ for $1.

I’ve successfully completed 12 orders, which has earned me $8.40 since joining.

Here is My OneDollarr Profile!

One Dollarr also has a referral program! For each unique member you refer that signs up you will get $0.05 added to your account balance once it is approved. You can use this money to purchase services.



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