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Earn Free Gift Cards at InstaGC! (@InstaGC)

There are several people online claiming that InstaGC is a scam and there’s also several people claiming that InstaGC is legit. I’ve been a member of InstaGC for a few weeks now, however, a few weeks ago, I decided to test it out. I started completing tasks and I’ve accumulated enough points to earn 2 payments , which was two $1 Amazon gift certificates. No, it’s not hundreds of dollars, but it’s a proof that this website is, in fact, LEGIT!




What Is InstaGC?

In case you were wondering, GC stands for Gift Card. So InstaGC means instant gift card. You can get several points for completing different online tasks. One of the things I like about this website is that they tell you right from the start that you will not get rich doing this, however, there’s an opportunity to earn at least $20+ a month using this program. The most time, the better!

How Does It Work?

The first step is to sign up! You can sign up by using your email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. You will automatically receive 10 points for registering. When the sign-up is complete you can start to do the tasks and earn points right away.

You can get anything between 1 and 300 points, maybe even more, per offer, tasks, click, downloaded app, video watched, etc.

How Do I Earn Points?

In order to get a gift card you need to collect points. You collect points by:

  • Visiting a site
  • Watching a video
  • Completing an offer
  • Signing up for trials
  • Listening to music
  • Referring other members

As you can see below, I’ve completed 40 offers, I have 1 referral and I’ve redeemed rewards totaling $2+.

What Type Of Rewards Can I Earn For My Points?

This is just an example of the points to cash value. You can withdraw as low as $1 for an Amazon gift card code. The Amazon gift card codes are available immediately after redeeming them.
insta GC scam or legit

This is what it will look like after you redeem an Amazon gift card code. The code will be under “Claim Code.” You can redeem the code by signing up for an account, then copying and pasting the code under “Apply a gift code to your account”.insta gc scam or legitYou can also redeem your points for instant gift cards ranging from $1 to $100.These gift cards are from various department, electronic, clothing, beauty and sports stores, and more. There are 9 pages of retailers to chose from. InstaGc gives you an option to set a prize goal, as well as, redeeming a prize whenever you reach $1 or more.

The point system is:
100 points=$1
200 points=$2
300 points=$3
4000 points=$4
5000 points=$5
1000 points=$10
1500 points=$15
20000 points=$20
2500 points=$25
30000 points=$30
5000 points=$50
7500 points=$75
10000 points=$100
150000 points=$150

Is There A Referral Program?

Yes! You can receive 10 points for each member that registers and confirms their email address from using your referral link. In addition, you can receive 10% of the earnings your referrals make ( excluding any instaGC tasks completed or bonuses received ). Bonuses include but are not limited to the following: contest winnings, point booster codes redeemed, search the web bonuses.

Is InstaGC A Scam?

NO! I’ve been paid 2x now.

Is InstaGC Legit?


Tips For Using InstaGC!

  • Don’t waste your time with videos. They are about 2 minutes long and you cannot grab more than 2 points/video.
  • Do “visit websites” under “clicks”. It earns you an easy one or two points per click.
  • Download games on your mobile phone and tablet.

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