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Earn Gift Cards When You Take Surveys at You Gov!

untitledIf you’re looking for a survey program that helps you earn money through gift cards, try You Gov Surveys! You Gov Surveys is a survey program that creates a unique way to reward its members for sharing their opinion by taking surveys. Each survey that you take earns you a minimum of 500 points. The categories for the surveys include politics, music, products, websites, reviews and other topics that the average American discusses on a daily basis. Each survey takes 5 minutes to 30+ minutes to complete.The longer the survey, the more points you can earn!


The minimum payout varies. The rewards include $15, $25, $50 and $100 for iTunes, VISA, franchise restaurants, movie theaters, and

25,000 points =
$15 Amazon Gift Card

30,000 points =
$25 AMC® Gift Card
$25 Nike Gift Card
$25 Fandango Gift Card
$25 Regal Gift Card
$25 Michaels Gift Card
$25 CVS/pharmacy® Gift Card
$25 Walgreens Gift Card
$25 Foot Locker® GiftCard

35,000 points =
$25 Kmart Gift Card
55,000 points =
$50 Nike Gift Card
$50 Global Hotel Card Powered by Or
$50 Amazon Gift Card*
57,500 points =
$50 FreshGift℠ Gift Card

60,000 points =
$50 Target GiftCard®
$50 Macy’s Gift Card
$50 Applebee’s® Gift Card
$50 TJX Gift Card
$50 Bed Bath & Beyond® Gift Card
$50 Best Buy® Gift Card
$50 Walmart Gift Card
$50 Lowe’s Gift Card
$50 Groupon Gift Card
$50 GameStop® Gift Card
$50 iTunes® Gift Card
$50 Sears Gift Card
$50 Foot Locker® GiftCard
$50 Old Navy Gift Card
$50 Chili’s 4-Choice Gift Card

67,500 points =
$50 Visa® Prepaid Card

100,000 points =
$100 Visa® Prepaid Card
$100 Amazon Gift Card*

How Quickly can you accumulate points?

It all depends on how often you receive and complete surveys. You can earn 500+ points a day or every other day. You can also earn 2000 points from each referral signup that completes at least 4 surveys!

Referral Program

For each new member that signs up via your referral link and completes at least four surveys (excluding the initial profile survey), you will receive 2000 bonus points. You will not receive any points for new members that do not complete at least four surveys (excluding the initial profile survey).


Since joining, I’ve earned $115!

In March 2017, I received a $15 Amazon gift card, which was worth 25,000 points!

In December 2014, I received a $100 Visa Prepaid Card (stated to be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks). However, I received it 12 days later!





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