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Earn Rewards for Rating Music at @ResearchDotFM!


There’s no crystal ball for radio stations, so they need your input on what music, morning shows, and DJ’s you actually want to hear. Your opinions are so important to them, that they’re willing to pay you for it. Research.FM has paid out $1,929,781 in rewards to members accross the country! is a music research company that was founded in 2008. The company uses your opinions to advise local radio stations about what music to play. The founders of began their research careers conducting radio research over the phone. Today they use their large databases of online participants to pay consumers for their opinions.20140408-124156.jpg uses a unique invite-only system, so there’s no registration required. Instead, they receive your information from partners (which you’ve authorized) indicating that you’d like to take part in their survey panel. If they call you, they’ll ask you to take a radio survey over the phone. After you complete your first survey from them, you can set up your account and manage your profile. Then, you will start receiving emails about radio surveys. If you’re qualified, you’ll listen to and rate short music hooks. At the end of the survey, you can earn Reward Points in the form of Gift Card claim codes for the value of the survey. Currently every survey after the first one will qualify you to earn a $5 Amazon gift certificate code.

Since joining in 2008, I’ve earned $75!


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