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Earn Rewards Using Your Social Media Influence with @BrandBuddee!


BrandBuddee is a rewards program that I’ve joined in May 2013. There was a comment on my website that explained how I could earn rewards with my social media influence. I immediately joined the program after reading the comment because I thought it would be a great opportunity!

Since launching my website in October 2012, I’ve received 70,000+ page views. I also have 25,300+ Twitter followers on my account, @KeyannaRochelle, since signing up in 2009. That is a total reach of 95,000+ people that I could benefit from!

BrandBuddee is a social media platform that rewards its members for sharing stories of brands from their website with their fans, friends and followers. As a member, you can be rewarded with prizes just for sharing information with others. Each prize listed on the BrandBuddee website has instructions on how to earn a reward. There is a set number of clicks on a unique link that you must reach to win or be considered to win the prize. The prizes include coupons, money off of purchases, restaurant deals, entertainment opportunities, clothing, food and much more.

BrandBuddee believes in the power of reciprocity whereas everybody wins!

If you’re interested in winning rewards, sign up to BrandBuddee today!

Since I’ve joined BrandBuddee, I’ve won several rewards.
-a website for 1 year with web design by AppleCrate SEO Marketing
-a complimentary case of Sparkling Ice
-several coupons for items
-a t-shirt
-cash off of items





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