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FREE WEBINAR TODAY: How To Build A Large Email List & Audience From Scratch! Hosted by @Mike_Dillard!

I came across this free webinar on Facebook this morning, so I figured I’d share the information! Prior to seeing the Facebook post, I was unfamiliar with who Mike Dillard was but I looked him up on Twitter and see that he’s an entrepreneur and host of a podcast called! He also has a personal website at! He has 49,300+ Twitter followers and 420,000 website subscribers as well!

The post read:

Hey guys,

I’m hosting a webinar tonight that will teach you how I’ve built an email list of 400,000+ readers over the past few years using one very specific, and very profitable strategy.
I’m going to walk you through my actual web pages and and ads from my previous company, so you can see exactly how it’s done and apply it to your business…
The result was over $80,000/Mo in sales within the first 90 days using ONLY cold traffic.

Click here to register NOW:

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