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Get 10,000 Website Visits with 10K Hits Autosurf Traffic Exchange Program!

10kHits is an autosurf traffic exchange program that rewards all new members 10,000 website visits when they sign up. Their goal is to provide website exposure between members. With 10K Hits, you are able to receive endless amounts of traffic from all over the world.

It only requires a valid sign up, email verification and 1000 page surfs to receive a 10,000 bonus credits to apply to your own websites. You can add up to FIVE websites, blogs or referral links. You earn 0.5 credits per 10 second website view. With every referral, you will earn 0.4 traffic points each time your referral surfs a website. Sign up to 10kHits today to earn your FREE 10,000 website visits!

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