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Get Rewarded for Listening to the Radio at Radio Loyalty! (@RadioLoyalty)


RadioLoyalty™ is a loyalty program that rewards  Internet radio and mobile station members for using their UniversalPlayer™ platform. Listeners and viewers can earn points for listening, watching and performing tasks. The earned points are redeemable for merchandise in the RadioLoyalty™ rewards section. As a listener, there are over 5,000 stations to choose from. RadioLoyalty is open to all countries except countries that prohibit such services.


Ways to Earn with Radio Loyalty


If you sign up, you will earn 250 free sign up points. Once you complete your user profile, you will earn 1000 RadioLoyalty™ points. That’s a total of 1,250 points!

This is a chart of my activity while using the app for 20 minutes, rating a song, watching 5 videos and using the app:

Activity Activity Count Points
Listening Time 20 mins 20
Listener Account Video 5 500
Song Like/Dislike 1 10
App Usage 1 6

There’s also an opportunity to earn 250 daily points. There will be a banner on the radio station that you are currently listening to.

How Much Can You Earn With Radio Loyalty?

I wanted to include this part to give you realistic expectations for Radio Loyalty. This program is not going to make you rich, but you can earn some extra money each month. If you have some friends that might be interested, have them sign up as referrals and you will earn a lot more!

Since you earn 1 point per minute, 1 point/minute X 60 minutes/hour = 60 points/hour. 60 points/hour X 24 hours/day =1,440 points/day. (If you leave your computer on all day) 1,440 points/day X approximately 30 days/month = 43,200 points/month! It will probably take about 3-4 months to earn a prize on Radio Loyalty on your own. (3 months = 129,600 points & 4 months = 172,800 points!)

What Type of Rewards Can You Get?

Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card – $25
Points: 294,000 pts
Shipping & Handling: 83,400 pts
Pre-Paid Visa Gift Card – $50
Points: 544,000 pts
Shipping & Handling: 83,400 pts
32GB iPod Touch
Listen to your favorite RadioLoyalty™ stations on the go with the iPod Touch featuring all-new.
Points: 2,990,000 pts
Shipping & Handling: 0 pts
32GB iPad
The new iPad with stunning Retina display and 5MP iSight Camera. Available in black and white.
Points: 5,990,000 pts
Shipping & Handling: 0 pts
Beats Solo Headphones
Beats Solo HD headphones are made to be a lighter, on-ear version of Studios. Compact enough to fit in.
Points: 1,999,500 pts
Shipping & Handling: 0 pts
Kindle Fire HD
When it comes to HD displays, great resolution is just the start. Unlike other 7″ tablets, Kindle Fire.
Points: 1,990,000 pts
Shipping & Handling: 0 pts

Sign up to Radio Loyalty and Earn 1,250 FREE BONUS Points!

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