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Getting More Engagement from Your Twitter Followers

Getting More Engagement from Your Twitter Followersdownload


Getting Retweets from Twitter Followers

The most retweeted time of the day is 4 p.m.
57% of all retweets include a link.
Tweets with 71-100 characters get more RTs.
Tweets with hashtags get tweeted 110% more.

10 Most Retweetable Words

1) You

2) Twitter

3) Please

4) Retweet

5) Post

6) Blog

7) Social

8) Free

9) Media

10) Help

Ways to Get More Clicks from Tweets

Place link 25% of the way through tweet.

Use action verbs within your tweets.

Publish blog articles.

Twitter Strategy

Follow your interests.

Use a real picture of yourself.

Create Twitter lists.

Ask your email subscribers to follow you.

Request Twitter followers from FB friends.

(Source: Unknown)

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