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Grow Your Twitter Network with Cuilr! (@Cuilr)


Cuilr (pronounced Cool-er) helps introduce you to people that want to cultivate their social network reach on Twitter. Their website uses a credit system which gives incentive for people to retweet a message or follow someone. If you decide to retweet a message or follow someone, you will earn the number of credits they are offering. You decide how many credits to offer for retweets and introductions.

Cuilr implemented a credit system for growing your social network. By offering credits to others you provide incentive for them to check out your tweets and profile. These users can then use these earned credits to grow their network. This is a great system for getting folks to interact.

To get started, visit Cuilr and click the “Sign in with Twitter” button!

Once you’ve completed this first easy step, confirm your email address.

Then you can choose how many credits to offer for a follow.

After that, submit a tweet to be retweeted by other cuilr members!

My Experience:
I signed up yesterday and I’m seeing results already. I’ve gained at least 20 followers. I haven’t received any retweets yet. I will provide a more detailed review after a few weeks.

Comment your thoughts. No really... I need your feedback. :)

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