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Grow Your Twitter Network with Twimod! (@Twimodcom)

logoTwimod is a free platform that connects over 100,000 people with similar interests. The purpose of this platform is to help its members grow their Twitter Network. Members are able to sign in with their Twitter profile in less that 3 seconds utilizing TwiMod’s spam-free follow exchange system to gain real, targeted Twitter followers by filtering interests.

Twimod monitors the quality of Twitter users that joins their program. Their company checks users profiles everyday and suspends spam profiles manually.

They do not accept users:
  • Without a profile picture
  • Without a biography
Users must have:
  • at least 25 Twitter followers
  • at least 100 tweets to join the network

How does TwiMod work?

Twitter provides many users with the path to have an increased social network. However, it is very difficult to build a considerable network all by yourself. Twimod is the platform that offers a process of introducing you to other people on Twitter and developing your social network.
They have come up with the concept of mods, which creates the incentive for Twitter members to check one another out. If you follow a person on Twitter, they offer you mods and the same concept is applicable, if they follow you.
With Twimod, you can deciding the count of mods, which you can offer per introduction. There might be a chance that you would run out of mods. If that happens to you, there is no reason to be disappointed. You will still remain on the list of followers of the Twitter member. It will then be entirely their decision, if they wish to check you out or not.
Their main aim is to make your introduction to another member. Your role here is to decide, who you wish to become friends with in the longer run.

What are mods?

TwiMod has a system, which helps in the development of your social network. You offer “mods” to other Twitter followers for checking you out. If things work out well with you, these members can become your long-term followers.
The best part about mods is that it works both ways. It will not only help you in developing your social network, but the members, who will receive your mod, can grow their communities as well.
Mods can be considered as the mechanism that encourages people for checking one another out.

Bonuses for Completing Your Profile

  • Choose your interests: Gain 10 mods + 2 daily mods
  • Fill in E-mail & Country Settings: Gain 10 mods + 2 daily mods
  • Tweet About TwiMod: Gain 2 Credits + 2 daily mods
  • Like TwiMod on Facebook: Gain 2 Credits + 2 daily mods

There are 24 Interests to choose from A to T. There are also sub categories to the interests. You’re allowed to choose 85 interests in total.


You can select a group on the main page and follow Twitter users that share your interests.


The follow system allows you to automatically follow members by clicking the follow button. You are able to view how many mods you’ll receive before following members.


If you would like to increase your Twitter followers, join TwiMod TODAY!

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