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How I Gained 120+ App Nana Referrals! (Earn Free Gift Cards For Downloading Apps!)


UPDATE: I now have an official page for App Nana on my website titled, App Nana App! Check it out to get your code added to my App Nana Exchange Code List for FREE!

Lately, several people on Twitter have asked me how I’ve earned so many App Nana points on the iPhone app called App Nana / App Joy! I’ve decided to share a blog post on exactly how I did it step by step! I’ve referred 120+ people since joining App Nana, which has earned me 300,000+ points in total! That’s 120+ people x 2,500 points per referral! 20140621-123647-45407284.jpg I also received a survey to earn 10,000 extra points in May 3013. 20140621-125541-46541928.jpg Well, here’s my secret… I’m kidding, it’s not really a secret to earning App Nana points. You just have to promote your code on every social networking account you own, find other App Nana members and swap codes and download and open apps. Consistency is key with this iPhone app! These are the best ways for you to earn more App Nana points:

Tips for Choosing A Title for Your Blog, Blog Post or YouTube Video!

Make sure that you choose an appealing title that attracts potential visitors! Here are some good examples:

  • “How To Get Amazon Gift Cards For Free”
  • “How To Get PayPal Cash For Free”
  • “How To Get iTunes Gift Cards For Free”
  • “How To Get iPhone Games For Free”
  • “How To Get Minecraft For Free” (Minecraft is a popular game)
  • “How To Get an Xbox For Free”

You can make a new video and tell people how they can get things for free. How App Nana Works! This program is extremely easy to use. There’s only 3 rules: 1) Download apps & watch short videos 2) Open apps that are download. Then return to the app to earn the points. 3) Redeem accumulated points for $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $50 Amazon gift cards/ PayPal cash & $10, $15 & $50 iTunes gift cards. 20130628-181609.jpg On this iPhone app program, you download apps, sign up for offers and watch app videos for points also known as nanas. This app has 6 sections labeled as:

  1. Nana Offers 1 (worth 1500 nanas)
  2. Nana Offers 2 (worth 600 to 6000 nanas)
  3. Nana Offers 3 (worth 24 to 7456 nanas)
  4. Nana Offers 4 (worth 30 to 12,000 nanas)
  5. Nana Offers 5 (worth 57 to 2,100 nanas)
  6. Nana Offers 6 (worth 46 to 33,000 nanas)

The rules are very simple for this program. Once you download the apps, you open them. When you log back into the App Nana app, your points get added to your account. If you want to take part in this program you can follow this link or type App Nana or App Joy+ in the app store. Once you download the app, enter your info and add my invitation code k39567, we both can get 2500 points. You have to wait 48 hours to receive you Amazon gift card code. 20140621-123647-45407551.jpg Rewards There are 3 types of rewards to cash your points in. 1) Amazon gift cards 2) iTunes gift cards 3) PayPal cash All 3 rewards follow this point system: 30,000 nanas = $1 (Amazon) 45,000 nanas = $2 (Amazon) 60,000 nanas = $3 (Amazon) 90,000 nanas = $5 (Amazon, PayPal) 160,000 nanas = $10 (Amazon, iTunes, PayPal) 210,000 nanas = $15 (iTunes) 650,000 nanas = $50 (Amazon, iTunes, PayPal) 1,200,000 nanas = $100 (PayPal) Another perk of referring so many people to the app has earned me my own personal App Nana invite link, which is 20140621-123647-45407394.jpg Get Paid To Download Apps! Join App Nana today at! Then, enter my code k39567 for 2500 BONUS points! Don’t forget to tweet me your code at or contact me through email.

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