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How I Gained 170+ Referrals on @Traffup! (Promote Your Info for FREE!)

Free Website Visitors

I’ve been a member of Traffup since December 2011. Since joining, I’ve referred 170 people to the program, which has gained me 15,050 FREE advertising points to promote my info! Traffup has grown over the years because of its members spreading the word about their social traffic exchange website.

My method for gaining referrals is very simple. I share my referral link and banners:
1) with my Facebook friends
2) with my fellow Facebook group members
3) with my 25,100+ Twitter followers through my Twitter account @KeyannaRochelle
4) on several email marketing programs
5) on text ad programs
6) on Traffic exchange programs
7) on my two websites





Traffup is a social traffic exchange program that directs visitors to websites, increases twitter followers and helps people get their tweets retweeted (when someone shares your tweet with their followers on Twitter). The best aspect of this program is that you can get 3 things for FREE!

When you join Traffup, you are assigned with 100 bonus points. You can then add your website(s), blog(s) or referral links, your Twitter account (to get free followers) and your tweets or messages to get retweets.

When you add your website(s), blog(s) or referral link(s), you have to assign 5 to 50 points that you will give to other Traffup users when they visit your URLS. You can add a maximum of 10 websites, choosing the best categories that it fits in.
Free Website Visitors
When you add your twitter account to get more twitter followers, you will have to assign 5 to 50 points that you will give to the person who will follow you on Twitter.
Free Twitter Followers

When you add tweets that you want other Twitter users on Traffup to retweet for you, you need to assign 5 to 50 points. When someone retweets tweets for you, they will get the points assigned to that tweet.
Free Retweets

** You can assign from 5 to 50 points. Depending on the points assigned, duration to visit the website is set. For example, if you give 50 points then users will have to view site for 30 seconds. More time means more value. Once the free points are depleted, you have to either collect more points by participating on the website or buy more points.

How to Collect Free Points at Traffup?
To collect free points you have to be manually active. For example, if you want daily followers, retweets and website visitors, you will have to collect free points daily.

To collect free points:
-Visit websites of other users
-Follow Twitter users
-Retweet tweets of other Twitter users
-Refer others to earn points (earn 150 points per referral)
-Use Affiliate program to earn points

How to Buy Points at Traffup?
If you do not want to be manually active but want to use the service, you can buy points. You can buy points using credit cards, etc. To buy points simply click the buy button, select the points pack, and then complete the payment. Once the payment is done, you will get the points you have purchased.

Tell others about Traffup and earn points for your account. Traffup likes to reward members who love use their services.

Here’s how it works:
Your earnings don’t stop at level 1 referrals. There is a 3-Level referral bonus system. You can also earn points when referrals of your referrals join Traffup or buy points.

You earn 100 points when a person joins Traffup through your referral link. This is considered level 1. You also earn 5% of your referral’s purchased earnings. For example, if someone that you referred purchases 5,00,000 points, you get 5%, which is a 25,000 points from Traffup.

You earn 50 points when a person joins Traffup through your referral’s link. This is considered level 2. You also earn 2% of your referral’s purchased earnings.

You earn 25 points when a person joins Traffup through your referral’s referral’s link (tongue twister lol). This is considered level 3. You also earn 1% of your referral’s purchased earnings.

Free Twitter Followers

Want to experience what’s listed above? Join Traffup TODAY!

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