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I Earned a $10 Amazon Gift Card on the MakeMoney iPhone App! (App Discontinued as of 3/1/17)

(App Discontinued as of 3/1/17! Attempted to redeem a $1, $3, and $10 Amazon gift card and it was cancelled by the app owner.)

On February 18th, 2017, I redeemed a $10 Amazon Gift Card on the MakeMoney iPhone App!

MakeMoney is an iPhone app that rewards you with Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Steam Wallet gift cards, Playstation Network gift cards and Xbox Live gift cards for completing easy offers, downloading apps and playing games!

The easiest ways to accumulate coins are by playing the 5 games on a daily basis, every 8-12 hours. The games are Lucky Spin , Fire Finger, Video Chest, Free  Chest, and Slot Mania.

Lucky Spin: You have 5 chances to spin the wheel to earn 0,2,4,8,10,16,40,50 or 100 coins, $1 or 3 free spins.

Fire Finger: You have to tap the button as many times as you can in 5 seconds. This allows you to earn from 0 to 50+ coins.

Video Chest: You get 5 chances to watch a video and choose from 4 gift boxes. You can earn 5, 10, 20 or 30 coins each video that you watch.

Free Chest: You can earn 60 coins every 12 hours.

Slot Mania: You can pull the Slot handle up to 5 times to earn 0-150 coins.

You can also earn coins by downloading and opening iPhone apps. These opportunities normally pop up when you’re using the app. The reward is 500 coins.

Referral Program

You can earn 800 coins for each referral

  • Rewards: Paypal cash, Amazon, STEAM, XBOX, Google Play, iTunes gift card values:
    • $1=7,500 coins (Amazon)
    • $2=12,000 coins (Paypal)
    • $3=15,000 coins (Amazon, Paypal)
    • $5=25,000 coins (Amazon, Paypal, Steam Wallet)
    • $10=40,000 coins (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Paypal, Playstation, xbox Live)
    • $15=60,000 coins (Google Play)
    • $25=90,000 coins (Amazon, iTunes, Paypal)
    • $50=170,000 coins (Paypal)

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