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I Earned a $29.64 Amazon Gift Cards For Taking Surveys at PaidViewPoint! (@PaidViewPoint)

On October 5th, 2016, I redeemed my earnings of $29.64 in the form of an Amazon gift card.


Paid Viewpoint is a rewarding survey program that allows you to earn money for taking surveys. You can redeem your earned money for an Amazon gift card, Paypal Cash or a Walmart gift card, with the mimimum cash out being $15. Paid Viewpoint is unique, in a sense, that it only offers you surveys that you’ll qualify for. They have a measurement system called the TraitScore, that measures your trustworthiness while taking sureys.

PaidViewpoint-survey-inviteSurvey Pay Rate: You get at least one survey a day, but most of the time these are lower paying TraitScore surveys. These surveys allow you to earn between $0.03 and $0.10. These daily surveys only take a minute or two to complete, and it either increases or decreases your TraitScore depending on your answers. The higher your TraitScore, the more surveys you get. This increases the amount you’re paid.

The Best Way to Make Money with PaidViewpoint

The best way to use Paid Viewpoint is by completing the daily surveys to increase your TraitScore. As explained before, the TraitScore is basically how well Paid Viewpoint knows you. As you can see below, my Traitscore is 7469, as of October 14th, 2016.

While you’ll make more money and get more surveys as your TraitScore grows, the real goal is to get up to a score of 9,000. That’s when you’ve reached the top! Once you’re there, you get the maximum amount of surveys, along with get paid more for every click.

PaidViewpoint Referral Program

On top of being a great survey company, they also have a really great referral program. You can earn up to $25 for every new member you invite to Paid Viewpoint! Every time your referral’s cash out their earnings, you’ll get paid 20% of everything they make. FYI: You don’t take 20% away from them, it’s just a bonus you get from Paid Viewpoint for referring active members.


It’s really easy to refer others. You can click on the friend’s tab, then you have 3 ways to invite people.

  1. Invite your friends via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Digg, StubleUpon, etc.)
  2. Create a quick email to send to others
  3. Create a personalized referral link to give directly to people who may be interested

In addition to the referral program, you can also earn a 20% bonus, which is eligible for redemption, once you refer 100+ members to Paid Viewpoint! You will become a “community builder” at this point.



2 Responses so far.

  1. Dwine Rebru says:

    I liked your article and was wondering how many days it took to get to this amount of 29.64 $ ?

    • I have 33 referrals who have earned the majority of the $29.64. I actually happened to read about this program on another blog and realized that I already had an account. When I logged in, this was waiting for me. On your own, I’d say it takes a couple months to cash out $15. With active referrals, you can multiple times. You earn 20% of their earnings!

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