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I Was Paid to Tweet! I Earned $68.20 Paypal Cash from SocialPubli! (@SocialPubli)

   On July 8, 2016, I’ve earned $68.20 from Social Publi for tweeting two messages through my Twitter account.img_4006-1 I earned $33.79 from the 1st tweet and I earned $34.11 from the 2nd tweet.img_3861-2This is my requested withdraw transaction.img_3863-2This shows how much I’ve earned, which is $68.20!img_3862-2So far, I’ve referred 9 people to Social Publi!img_3864-2


Social Publi is a social media platform that rewards influencers for their social media presence. You earn money by sharing ad campaigns on your social media accounts. The program is very easy to use. If you are eligible to share ad campaigns, they will appear on the home page. Next, you would follow the instructions to share the ad campaign on your Twitter page. The minimum cashout is $30 via Paypal and $100 via bank account. You are paid on the 15th of each month when you reach the minimum payout.

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