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I Won a $10 Amazon Gift Card on the Perk TV App! (@GetPerk)

On January 14, 2015, I redeemed a $10 Amazon Gift Card on the Perk iPhone app!IMG_7321-0.PNGIMG_7324.JPG


What is Perk?

Perk is a multi-earning app that allows you to earn points for completing various tasks and offers. You can earn Perk points for just about anything. I’ve earned most of my pointS by watching movie trailers and popular videos.

How Can You Earn Perk Points?

You can earn Perk Points by downloading any of the following apps. The more, the better!

  • Perk TV– You can earn 4 points per video watched. There are 2 categories: movie trailers and popular videos. The videos usually range from 50 seconds to 2 minutes each. You can also earn 50 tokens each time a video ends by rating it with a thumbs up or thumbs down. (The tokens will be useful for the sweepstakes, the Perk Prize Mob app and the Perk Scratch & Win App.)
  • Perk Pop Quiz-You can earn up to 5 points per quiz taken, depending on how many questions you answer correctly. There are 5 questions per quiz. The Perk Pop Quiz app has multiple categories to choose from, including Disney, Math, Science, Music, Sports, and Brain Challenge, to name a few.
  • Perk Search-This app allows you to earn points for searching for words or phrases.
  • Perk Browser-This app allows you to earn points for using their search engine.
  • Perk Scratch & Win-Use the tokens that you’ve earned on the Perk TV app and Perk Pop Quiz app for a chance to win more tokens and points by playing the scratch off game.
  • Perk Wallet-This app stores your perk points and allows you to see several rewards available for you to redeem.
  • Perk Prize Mob-This app allows you to bid on gift cards, points and prizes using your tokens.

What Type of Prizes Can You Earn on Perk?

There’s several different rewards you can get. Amazon, IHOP, Overstock, GameStop, Nike, Paypal and many more. Paypal is a reward that I wouldn’t recommend, because when you redeem Paypal it costs 9000 points for a $5 gift card, but redeeming an Amazon gift card will cost 5000 points for a $5 gift card, so it almost cost twice as much to purchase.

How Much Can You Earn on Perk?

Obviously, the more you use the app, the more you’ll earn. You’ll most likely earn $10 to $100 a month.

Is There a Referral Program?

You can earn up to 500 points for every qualified referral when they redeem their first reward.

You can join Perk by visiting this link and entering my code c8880878 for free points!


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