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iPhone App Review: Unfollow for Twitter by @SpicyApps!


Hello Influence Money readers!

Today, I’m sharing my review of the “Unfollow for Twitter” app by Spicy Apps. This app has helped me A LOT with managing my 3 Twitter accounts (@KeyannaRochelle, @InfluenceMoney and @SuccessSince).The free functions of the app allows you to unfollow up to 200 people every 24 hours per account. It also allows you to see a list of people who haven’t tweeted in a certain period of time (hours, days, weeks, months, etc.).

As you can see in the image above, it gives me a summary of my account. I can see how many followers I have and how many people I’m following. I can also view followers who didn’t tweet since… and followers who don’t follow back. The paid features of the app allows you to view people who recently unfollowed you and it allows you to add people to your whitelist. This will protect accounts that you want to continue following from being on the unfollow list.

In the images above, it shows me how many people I’m following that aren’t following back. In the top right corner of the app, you are able to view 100+ random accounts that do not follow back. Then, you can manually select who you want to unfollow or select unfollow all. I currently follow over 1000 accounts that I know do not follow me back. Those accounts are make money blogs, internet marketers, freebie websites and inspiration accounts, so I know that I’ll never get this number down to zero. My main purpose of using this unfollow function is to unfollow those users who follow to unfollow. Yes, they do exist! Several quote accounts, Twitter famous accounts and regular day to day people often unfollow their followers after a certain time frame for whatever reason. I honestly do not have a problem with following thousands of people on Twitter. I’m following 23,700+ people. I would rather follow people with the same interests and ideas.

Overall, the simplicity of this app is excellent! It’s easy to use and produces results quickly. I’ll definitely continue using this app as long as it still exist.

If you would like to try the app, you can download ‘Unfollow for Twitter’ for fee!


Comment your thoughts. No really... I need your feedback. :)

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