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iRazoo is a multi-earning program that rewards you with points for watching videos, completing surveys, completing offers, printing and redeeming coupons, using their search engine and finishing tasks.


Watch videos-Everyday holds something new to learn and the videos page is a great way to increase your knowledge and earn points at the same time. They have 20 categories and hundreds of videos for you to browse, watch and learn. Fill the meter and earn 1 iRazoo point. Points will show up in your ledger after video finishes.
Completing surveys-Companies are hungry for consumer feedback on product and services. If you would like to join the conversation and share your opinions, then why not take the time to fill out an online survey or two! Points earned vary based on each individual survey.

Complete Offers- Earn by trying out products and services for FREE or a small fee in the offers section. From computer games to FREE samples, the offers page has something for everyone. Be sure to look at each partner’s tab to find all available offers with guaranteed iRazoo points upon completion. Also, you’ll get 5 points each day just for stopping by to say hello.
Coupons- Sometimes the cash savings outweigh the benefit of points! While you won’t earn points for coupon redemption, coupons are our way of making sure you continue to save FREE money even when away. Each coupon you clip translates into direct savings and more cash in your pocket! Come back often as coupons are updated daily.
Search the Internet-At iRazoo they make earning points easy by including something you do everyday: searching the Internet! Each time you search the Internet through the iRazoo search box, you increase your chances of earning points. Search and Win points are awarded randomly so the more you use iRazoo to find stuff online, the greater your chances of earning points.
Finish Tasks-If you’ve got a few minutes to spare then why not complete an online task to earn some extra iRazoo points? Scroll through the current Task listing to see if you’ve got the skills required for the job! For each completed task you’ll be compensated with a set amount of points that varies based on whichever task you choose.
Tips to Win

Once you join iRazoo, make sure you are making the most out of your membership. Here are a few tips to make sure you are earning the maximum amount of points possible.

1. Use iRazoo daily

Using the iRazoo search bar to search the Internet is a quick and easy way to earn points. Even though points are awarded randomly, the more you search through iRazoo, the greater your chances of winning.

2. Refer A Friend

For every friend that joins iRazoo through your personal referral link, iRazoo will give them 50 points to get started. Then, each time they search online and win points, they’ll match those points as a credit to your account. If they earn 75 points searching, you will also earn an additional 75 points. They’ll credit all search and win points earned up to 3,000 points.

You can keep track of friends who have joined iRazoo as well as any referral points you have earned by clicking on the “My Referred Users” link in the “Referral Points” tab located on the top of the page.

3. Promote iRazoo

There’s no reason to keep iRazoo a secret, which is why promoting iRazoo is so easy. If you have a social media profile (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) then be sure and paste your personal referral link to your account. You can also place the link on your blog or website. For every friend that joins using your personal referral link, you’ll earn up to 3,000 matching points each time they Search and Win through iRazoo.

4. Download the iRazoo toolbar

Rather than logging into iRazoo each time you get online, download the toolbar and make it easy to search every time you are online. Points are awarded randomly but the more you use iRazoo to search, the better your chances of earning points.

5. Make iRazoo your hompage

I understand that life can get busy and you can forget about iRazoo very quikly. However, if you make iRazoo your homepage then every time you open your Internet browser, it’s an automatic friendly reminder to sign in and earn points.

Still Skeptical?! Check out the video below!

If you’re interested, Join iRazoo today!

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