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Make Money Being a Social Influencer at Speakr! (Get Paid To Tweet) (@Speakr)

Speakr is an ad publishing campaign program that allows Twitter and Instagram users to monetize their account for being influential. There will be campaigns available to tweet or post in your own words for cash. The offers generally range from 10 cents to $5 or more. Once the ad gets approved, it will automatically tweet through your account. There’s a great referral program that allows you to receive 10% of your referral’s earning for a lifetime. The minimum payout is $50 via PayPal, which you can withdraw once every 30 days. So far, I have earned $27.96! I’ve earned $26.71 in campaign earnings and $1.25 in referral earnings. I need to earn $22.04 to withdraw the minimum of $50!

Speakr has a 6 step process to their program!

Step 1: Invitation

  • Get invited to submit a tweet for a campaign to help tell the brand’s story.
  • A campaign invitation means that they think you have potential and want to see what you have to offer!

Step 2: Apply

  • After signing up through my invite link, go to your Speakr dashboard and look for available opportunities to tweet ads or post to Instagram.
  • If ads are available, submit your most creative and UNIQUE tweet or post on the campaigns tab.
  • Think of it as an application to participate in the campaign, so always bring your A-game and follow the Speakr guidelines!
  • You can submit multiple tweets for review, if they are available.

Step 3: Review

  • Your tweet submissions will undergo a rigorous approval process.
  • They choose tweets based on creativity and how brand appropriate a tweet is.
  • Below, is an example of an available campaign to tweet about. One winner will earn a $50 Fandango Gift card for tweeting about an iPhone game app called Cookie Jam.
  • If your tweet, stream, or profile does not follow Speakr guidelines or campaign instructions, you will receive an email explaining your rejection with an opportunity to resubmit.
  • If your tweet, stream, and profile meet all Speakr guidelines or campaign instructions, you will be added to a pending list of approved tweets.


Step 4: Publish

  • When the campaign is live, your tweet or Instagram post may be published.
  • Published tweets and Instagram posts will appear in your stream and your account will be credited.

Step 5: Payment

  • Once your account balance has reached $50, you can request to be paid through your dashboard.
  • Payments are issued on the 1st of each month through Paypal.
  • You may request your earnings of $50 once per 30 day period.

Step 6: Stay Active

  • Stay informed and check your Speakr dashboard and emails regularly for opportunities to participate, make money, and be part of the larger picture! Remember to set Speakr as an approved contact in your email settings, otherwise you may miss out on paid campaigns!

Earn from Your Referrals!

  • Invite influential people to join Speakr and get rewarded. You’ll receive 10% of the earnings of anyone that you recruit! So far, I’ve gained 65 referrals!


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