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I discovered Tweet Into a few weeks ago, after being tweeted by the company at my personal Twitter account @KeyannaRochelle. TweetInto is a community platform that connects users from around the globe who share the same interests. The idea of the program is to help you find social influencers to Tweet about you & your business. It’s actually quite easy to get started. Simply sign in with Twitter, enter your email and set a few keywords that pertain to you.

There are two sides to TweetInto, those who Tweet and those who want their message Tweeted. If you are looking to Tweet info for others and make a little money, ensure that you set the price you charge per Tweet via the “Home” section when you’re logged in. They make this easily possible and only take a small amount of the exchange, which is %5 or $1. Any user is able to Tweet or request someone else to Tweet their message. The process is so simple, being both assured your Tweet will be Tweeted and you will receive payment.

Since joining, I have received one tweet request for $2.50. I approved the tweet, which automatically was sent through my Twitter account. After the tweet was live for 24 hours, I was paid by Tweet Into automatically. I earned $1.50 for tweeting someone’s info.

I received a request to tweet the message below…at the top for $2.50.


Once, the info was tweeted, It had to be live for 24 hours. Then, I received my payment credit of $1,50 from Tweet Info.


Next, I received my Paypal payment of $1.50 from Tweet Into on January 14, 2014!


It looks like a promising program to join. If youre interested, Sign up to Tweet Into now!

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Since launching in audience reach 7,584,093 and counting.

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