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Make Money Online at Gigcrate! (Work From Home Micro Jobs) (@Gigcrate)

I joined Gigcrate on June 4, 2014. I became active and set up my gig, also known as an online job, on October 10th, 2014. This program mirrors every other micro job site that I’ve seen so far. They pretty much follow the same standards, which allow you to create your own jobs and earn directly through Paypal. I shared a blog post titled 10+ Ideas to Work From Home! and a blog page titled Work From Home Jobs that describes how to earn residual income from virtual skills and talents. This type of freelance work can be very profitable if you possess any marketing or design skills!

Work From Home Jobs can include the following:

  • Promoting info on your Twitter account
  • Promoting info on your Facebook account
  • Creating website designs
  • Creating banners
  • Creating slogans
  • Assisting others in gaining Twitter followers
  • Assisting others in gaining Facebook fans
  • Singing a song
  • Giving testimonials/reviews on products
  • Making cartoon drawings
  • Making PowerPoint presentations
  • Publishing ebooks
  • Writing blog posts
  • Banner Advertising
  • Making clothing designs
  • Making jewelry
  • Making phone cases
  • And whatever other job that’s legal that you can think of…

Gigcrate is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services beginning at a cost of $3 up to $600 per job.This site is primarily used by freelancers, which are self-employed people, who use Gigcrate to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services.

My current gig is:

I will tweet your message to my 29,500+ followers 10 times on Twitter my handler is KeyannaRochelle for $3.

Although Gigcrate mirrors other micro job programs, there are some differences that I’ve noticed with this program. They have an unique referral system that rewards members with $1 to their account balance for each unique member that you refer.

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  1. perhaps you need to sell arts, crafts or stuff around the house?Well, make your way to GigCrate The world’s newest online marketplace! – gigcrate.

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