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moooooooI found the Mooojo app a few months ago by searching “earn rewards” in the App Store. In a nutshell, the Mooojo app is an ad-sponsored and FREE lottery raffle that offers a chance to earn REAL Paypal cash every Saturday if the numbers you chose match the numbers that are drawn by the program. There is also a chance to win the $150,000 JackPot if all of your numbers picked match the numbers drawn. Again, it’s completely FREE to use this app! 

How Does Mooojo Work?

The Mooojo app is an ad-sponsored program that allows users to earn real money. It also allows you to increase your earnings by building a team. Mooojo’s FREE LOTTO is always free to play and no in-app sales whatsoever. Winning already starts from 2 of your lucky numbers matching the winning numbers, which are mirrored from the National German Lotto every Saturday. The JackPot of a minimum $150.000 is guaranteed and you can cash out real money via PayPal starting from $0.10.

How Do You Play Mooojo Lotto?

It’s very easy to play! Just hit the Go-Win button, watch the ad and select your lucky numbers. Select 6 numbers from 1 through 49 and one more lucky number from 1 through 9. Then, click on the green button with the white arrow. The winning numbers are referenced to German National Lottery draw. You can play as many times as you want. You just need to watch an ad to recieve a free lotto pick.

How Much Money Will You Win?

The JackPot is currently $150,000! This amount will be split evenly and distributed to all participants that have the matching entries to the winning numbers of that draw. If you only have 6 numbers from 1 through 49 correct and not the one from 0 to 9 you will fall into the next winning class where $10,000 gets shared among all the matching entries.

How Do You Know How Much Money You’ve Earned From Each Lotto Drawing?

After each drawing you will get a detailed statement where each of your entries is matched against the winning numbers stating each result. When you build a team, you will also be able to see your earnings from their lotto picks. Please note that there’s a 2% Paypal fee to withdraw your earnings.

When Is The Lotto Drawing?

The drawing of the winning numbers takes place every Saturday at 7:25 Central Eastern Time and can be followed via live-stream at Remember – mooojo only references to the winning numbers not to the any amount named within the German National Lotto.

How Much Can You Earn By Referring Others?

When you refer others and build a team, you earn 100% of what they earn because they are on your team. For every entry from your team, you get an extra entry on your personal account.

How Much Do Need To Win In Order To Withdraw Your Earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings starting at $0.10.

How Do You Sign Up?

If you’re interested and would like to sign up, join my team at Mooojo! Go to and use my code: pwpogh




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