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Manual Traffic Exchange Program: New Way Surf!

NewWaySurf is a manual traffic exchange program that allows you to submit and share unlimited websites, blogs and referral links with 20,777+ members! When you visit other members website submissions , you earn traffic credits and cash!


After joining, you will receive a surfing URL which will be used to visit other members websites for a period of time, usually 10 seconds. Once the time elapses, you will have to click the correct number so that your account be credited. You earn credits and cash for each page view. Every credit can be used to bring a visitor to your website. Credits can be converted to banner impressions and/or text link impressions. Your credits surfing ratio is recalculated at the start of each day. The surfing ratio (which depends on your upgrade level) is tallied based on your surfing from the previous day.

My Surf Ratio: 0.50 credits / page view


You can earn cash for each page view and up to 50% of the cash earned (by surfing) or spent by your referrals. The earnings are calculated based on your membership upgrade level. You can increase you cash surfing ratio each day by promoting your referring URL and/or by recruiting new members. Your cash surfing ratio is recalculated at the start of each day taken into account the referring activity from the previous day.


Benefits of Referring New Members:
You earn up to 25% of the credits earned by your referrals. You also get paid up to 50% of the cash earned (by surfing) or spent by your referrals. Cash is credited to your account every time your referrals get paid for an activity or buy a product New Way Surf sells. You can also increase your cash surfing ratio for the next day.

You can email your referrals once per week and send them credits to read your emails.

The minimum payout is $5. Once you reach this level, a button will appear in your commissions page which allows you to make a withdraw request. They pay members through Paypal.

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