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My $10 Paypal Payment Proof from GiftHulk! (@GiftHulk)

On August 18th, 2015, I received my Diamond prize goal, which was $10 PayPal Cash! This prize was worth 10,000 Hulk Coins! This includes my referral earnings!


So far, I’ve earned $90 in Paypal cash! 

As a Diamond member, I also earned a rebate of 1000 Hulk coins when I redeemed my prize. I became a Diamond Level member when I invited 50 people to sign up for Gift Hulk.  Currently, I have 411 referrals, which allows me to earn 100 Hulk coins per referral plus an extra 500 Hulk coins per referral once they earn 1,000 Hulk coins. My Lifetime Hulk coins earned from my referrals accumulated to 15,636 coins.

Why GiftHulk?

“Time Is Money.” However, when it comes to surfing on the Internet we totally forget about it and spend our time refreshing Facebook and Twitter to see if there’s a fresh update. We all do it! GiftHulk established a way to make it possible to gain from surfing the web and your online daily activities! The main goal is to allow people to earn things that they really want and need – for absolutely FREE! That is the main reason they offer such a huge choice of gifts, from department and fashion stores to online shopping cards to premium game account cards and even cool gadgets! The idea is that every person will be able to enjoy GiftHulk! At GiftHulk you can earn gift cards, electronics and other rewards by doing things that you already do online – searching the web, answering surveys, signing up for offers and more!

GiftHulk offers users more than 15 different ways to earn Hulk Coins, including Offer Walls, EZ Coins, Surveys, Apps, Tasks, Search & Win, GiftHulk TV, Shopping, Guess the Card and much more.
Offer Walls: Complete various offers to earn Hulk Coins – from simply visiting brands websites to signing up for great deals
EZ Coins: Complete offers, download apps and games, etc. to earn EZ Coins.
Surveys: Fill surveys from Market Research firms who want your opinions on their products and services. Your opinions will shape the next generation of products!
Apps: Download iPhone and iPad apps and earn points when you open the apps after installation. Tasks: Earn Hulk Coins by performing short and easy tasks! There are also special GiftHulk Tasks, like writing a blog post and making YouTube videos!
Search & Win: Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine. You will earn a fixed amount of Hulk Coins for searching – Once an Hour, Every Day!
GiftHulk TV: Watch trending and funny videos, educational channels, celeb news and many more at GiftHulk TV!
Shopping: Shop at several retail stores from the list and earn a set amount of Gift Hulk coins per dollar. Don’t forget to bookmark your top 5 stores to earn 50 Hulk coins!
Guess the Card: In Guess the Card game you can win Hulk Coins just by guessing the right card! High-level users will get more Guess the Card plays each day! Connect your Facebook/Twitter account to Social Updates from GiftHulk and get an extra 10% from Guess the Card game wins!
Sweepstakes: Enter the time-limited/entry-limited Sweepstakes for a chance to win excellent prizes! Each entry can be a Winner!
Fountain of Youth: Earn Hulk Coins just by entering special code on Fountain of Youth page! From time to time  Youth code will be released on Facebook/Twitter/GiftHulk Newsletter and they also can be won in Guess the Card game!
Referrals/Invite: Invite your friends to join GiftHulk and earn up to 600 Hulk Coins when they join! 100 Hulk Coins are guaranteed on each sign-up! Once your referrals. Redeem your Hulk Coins: Hulk Coins that you earn can be redeemed in the GiftHulk Store for a variety of great rewards. Rewards are sent out every Sunday, in case you were wondering! You can redeem your points for gift cards in the following categories: dining, beauty, department stores, fashion, gaming, entertainment, online shopping, gadgets, kids, jewelry, fashion accessories, toys, bitcoins, and 80% Off rewards.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at dining places like AppleBee’s, BJ’s, Burger King, Chili’s Domino’s, Dave & Busters, IHOP, Maggiano’s, On The Border, Papa John’s, Red Robin,, Steak ‘n Shake, and T.G. I. Fridays.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at beauty places like Sephora and Spa Finder.
  • You could redeem your Gift Hulk Coins at department stores like Belk, Bath and Body Works, Home Depot, Lowe’s Kohl’s. Petco, Overstock, Pottery Barn, Sears, KMart, Walmart, and Staples.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at fashion places like American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Footlocker, Guess, Nike, REI, Sports Authority, T.J. Maxx, and Zappos.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at gaming places like XBOX, GameStop, Karma, Pogo, Facebook Credits, Kabam, League of Legends, MindCraft, Nintendo, Ouya, PSN, Rixty, Roblox, Runescape, Second Life, Steam, Ultimate Game, Wizard101. and Zynga.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at entertainment places like AMC Theaters, Barnes and Nobles, Bass Pro Shops, Fandango, RedBox, and Hulu.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins at online shopping places like 1-800-Flowers, Amazon, Paypal, Bitcoin, Groupon, iTunes, and Google Play.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for gadgets like a green laser pointer pen, a magic floating & rotating UFO, and a sound sensor color changing flameless LED candle.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for kids items like a magic floating & rotating UFO, a magnetic beads classical magic cube, a mini RC helicopter, and a Mr. Bean Teddy Bear figure plush toy.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for jewelry like earrings, rings, studs, rings necklaces, and jewelry sets.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for fashion accessories like bracelet, leather, LED, and analog watches.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for toys like a magnetic beads classical magic cube and a Toys R Us gift card.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for bitcoins.
  • You could redeem  your Gift Hulk Coins for items in the 80% off rewards section that include magazines, socks, the spa, and baking material.

The basic equivalent of points to cash gift card rewards are:

  • 5,000 Gift Hulk coins = $5
  • 10,000 Gift Hulk coins = $10
  • 15,000 Gift Hulk coins = $15
  • 25,000 Gift Hulk coins = $25
  • 50,000 Gift Hulk coins = $50
  • The least prize points that a person can redeem is worth $5 or 1000 points!

The Most Popular Rewards in the Gift Hulk Store are:

Paypal Gift Card

Currently GiftHulk is open to users from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

Show your wins and earnings to your friends with one click and get them to sign up to GiftHulk as your referrals!

If you like what you’ve read, join GiftHulk TODAY! My Gift Hulk code is KB8641.


2 Responses so far.

  1. JB says:

    GiftHulk has not paid out in weeks now. To be fair I was paid via paypal like clockwork for more than a year but as of a few weeks ago GiftHulk has gone missing. Leaving support tickets silent and unanswered. No payouts have been made. At least not via Paypal. I have screen shots of all my history with GiftHulk including the pending payments that have not been delivered.

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