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My $14.65 PayPal Payment Proof from the Surveys On The Go iPhone App!


On November 25, 2015, I received $14.65 Paypal cash from the Surveys on the Go iPhone app!  


Surveys on the Go is a survey app that allows you to get paid by taking quick and simple surveys on all kinds of topics right on your mobile device. The surveys usually take 1 to 30 minutes to complete, ranging from 10 cents to $1 or more. The minimum payout is $10 via Paypal cash!

This is a screenshot of the surveys that are available for me to complete.


This is a screenshot of an entertainment survey that I participated in for $7! I also completed one for $5! It was a radio survey that asked me to listen to 40 thirty second samples of songs and rate them.


This is a screenshot of the credit of the $7 & $5 that I received for participating in 2 radio surveys. I listened to 40 samples of current songs playing on the radio and rated them.

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