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My 1st Google Adsense Payment! I Made $104.28! (@Adsense)

I received my 1st Google Adsense payment for sharing ads on my website on October 22, 2015! I received a direct deposit payment of $104.28 from Google Inc!


How did I do it?

I was always interested in placing ads on my website but I had no clue of which service to use and which one was the best. I did a little research and decided to choose Google Adsense!

I asked a few people how it worked and some loved it, while others hated it! Someone even told me that Google Adsense was a scam. But had I listened to them, I wouldn’t have received my first payment.🤑

I applied for Google Adsense at and submitted my website!

After being accepted, I was able to choose the ad sizes that I wanted to display on my website. The ad sizes are the shapes of the ads. For example, 250×250 ad or a 300×300 ad. I was also able to choose the ad style that I wanted to share on my website. The as styles are text ads or picture ads. For example, the ad can have just words inside the ad shape or an actual visual advertisement picture.

How do I make money?

I make money when people click on the ads. The amount that I can make varies depending on my website traffic. For example, if I have 100 website visitors, I can make $0.30 cents per click, but if I have 1000 visitors, I can make $1 per click.

Below are the stats for my entire Google Adsense account! My estimated earnings are $112.89, including my recent payment of $104.28 and my earnings after being paid as of 11/3/2015 at 7:53am.

 How do you get paid?

You will need to have a bank account to set up direct deposit. You will receive your payment electronically in your bank account.

When do you get paid?

You get paid on the 21st of every month once you reach you selected threshold, which is $100.

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold, which is $100 or more you will get paid every month on the 21st.
AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website and turn your passion into profit!

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