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My $5 Amazon Gift Card from Free App Life iPhone App! (@FreeAppLife)


I redeemed a $5 Amazon gift card last week from the Free App Life iPhone app! The $5 prize was worth 4000 points on Free App Life. IMG_6207.JPG

Once I redeemed my prize, I had to wait 48 hours to receive my code.


After 48 hours, I had to go to the settings tab on the app, click “redeem”, then copy and paste my Amazon code into’s gift card claim area.


FreeAppLife is an iPhone / iPad app that allows members to earn awesome prizes for free, such as paid iOS apps, Gift Cards and even electronics. It’s as easy as installing and opening apps and referring your friends to earn points! After you install an app, you must keep the app open for at least 30 seconds or follow the provided instructions. The referral program allows you to earn 400 points per referral and it’s unlimited. You also earn 50% of your referrals’ earnings for life!

As of October 24, 2014, I currently have 3,534 points on Free App Life, which makes me 466 points away from redeeming another $5 Amazon gift card!


You can currently redeem your points for the paid iOS apps, gift cards and electronics below!

Paid iOS Apps
There are various apps available to redeem ranging from 50 points to 5,600 points.


Gift Cards
The current prizes are:
A $5 Amazon gift card certificate = 4,000 points
A $10 Amazon gift card certificate = 8,000 points
A $25 Amazon gift card certificate = 20,000 points
A $15 Apple App Store card = 12,000 points
A $25 Apple App Store card = 20,000 points

The current prizes are:
An iPod Touch(16GB) = 183,200 points
An iPad mini retina = 320,000 points
A Playstation 4 = 320,000 points
Xbox One = 400,000 points
iPhone 5s (16GB)= 519,200 points


Join the FreeAppLife NOW to earn Paid iOS apps, gift cards and electronics! Sign up at on your mobile phone and don’t forget to use my referral code “a45fec” for +50 points! Also, there’s a special promotion which gives you a chance to earn 40,000 points from a referral! Enjoy!





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