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My $5 Macy’s Gift Card from the ShopKick app! (@ShopKick)

On January 11, 2015, I redeemed 1,250 ShopKick points for a $5 Macy’s gift card!


What is ShopKick?

ShopKick is a shopping app that helps you discover all the best products at stores near you. It shows you popular products and rewards waiting for you at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, American Eagle, JCPenney, Sports Authority and Crate & Barrel, to name a few. It rewards you with kicks (points) just for walking in the door. You can get even more kicks when you scan items and make purchases. You can redeem your points for gift cards at your favorite stores. Now you can do even more of what you love—shop.

How Do You Earn Points on ShopKick?

You earn points on ShopKick by completing walk-ins, scanning products, making purchases and inviting friend to ShopKick. You can also earn surprise ShopKicks for clicking on each retailer and looking for the star that says “tap for a surprise”.

  • Walk-ins-Open the app when you enter stores to see if the store is on the list. Make Sure your Bluetooth is on. Get kicks for checking in. Some stores credit 30-50 kicks for simply walking into the store, which you can repeat on a daily basis. You can also unlock extra walkin-in kicks by looking through a short series of featured items called “lookbooks” —essentially a mini circular ad for the store. Keep in mind that you need to have the Shopkicks app open as you walk into the store, or otherwise you’ll have to walk in and out to get credit.
  • Scanning products-Once you enter a store, you can earn kicks for scanning products that are on the stores list. ShopKick awards anywhere between 10 and 100 points for scanning product codes at specific store locations.
  • Making purchases-You have the option of linking your debit card to ShopKick to earn kicks for every dollar spent. The amount credited varies by store, but you can earn approximately 10 kicks for each dollar spent, which figures to be roughly equivalent to 2%. Keep in mind also, that kicks earned as part of this program are held in reserve for a period of 30-45 days in case of returns.
  • Inviting friends to ShopKick-You can earn 2000 points for every 3 friends that join. You can also earn 50% of the kicks from the friends you invited to ShopKick.
  • Surprise kicks-You can earn 1 kick per surprise that you tap.

What Type of Prizes Can I Redeem for my Kick Points?

Once you accumulate enough kicks, you can start spending them in the ShopKick rewards store. The reward options include electronic gift cards to several national retail businesses, including Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Papa John’s, and Gamestop. The denominations for the gift cards vary in amount, starting with 2$ for 500 kicks.  Gift card codes are made available instantly in-app, or are sent to you by e-mail. There is also a chance to win larger prizes like electronics (32″ Samsung TC, Apple iPad Air, Sony Digital Camera, Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 HD, Sony Bluetooth Headphones, KitchenAid Mixer, Vespa bike), clothes (Old Navy jeans for 1 year, a Coach Handbag, aerie Harper Crochet Bra, AE Sundress), travel destinations (a cruise trip, Hyatt Hotels gift card), jewelry (Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch), perfume (Chanel No5), a Flowers gift card, a Shutterfly gift card, a Gas gift card and more.

Cash to Kicks Points

  • $2=500 kicks
  • $5=1,250 kicks
  • $10=2,500 kicks
  • $25=6,250 kicks
  • $40 prize=10,000 kicks
  • $45 prize=11,250 kicks
  • $50 prize=12,500 kicks
  • $100 prize=25,000 kicks
  • $120 prize=30,000 kicks
  • $200 prize=62,500 kicks
  • $300 prize=75,000 kicks
  • $500 prize=125,000 kicks

Are you interested in signing up? Click here to join ShopKick TODAY!

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