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My First Paypal Payment of $23.80 From The @BeenChoice iPhone App!

On October 5th, 2015, I received my first Paypal payment proof of $23.80 from the Been IPhone App!  



I came across the Been Choice iPhone app through Twitter in the beginning of the month! I received a tweet from someone to vote for the company on September 3rd, 2015.

As you know, most free iPhone apps have ads on it for money earning opportunities. These ads can get pretty annoying, popping up every 5-10 seconds while you’re in the middle of something! Some of my favorite apps have ads on it, like Words With Friends, which made me purchase the paid app just to avoid them. Well, here’s an even better option, DOWNLOAD the Been Choice iPhone app!

Since I blog about ways to make money online, as well as blogging about useful iPhone apps, I thought it would be a great idea to try the app!

The purpose of the app is to block unwanted ads! The idea behind this app is to give you a choice between filtering or blocking ads or letting them through to earn rewards.

Choose Block Mode

They’ll protect your device and your data plan from as many ads and snooping third-party trackers as they can. They’ll even prevent sponsored posts from clogging many of your favorite apps.

Choose Earn Mode

With just a flip of the switch to earn, you can start earning rewards. Currently, there are 3 rewards. The Paypal reward, the Amazon gift card reward and the Donation option. The $20 Paypal gift card reward is worth 30,000 points!

Currently, I have 19,625 points.   I need 10,375 points to earn $20 Paypal cash!

DOWNLOAD the Been Choice iPhone app!

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