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My First Paypal Payment Proof from the Spare5 iPhone app! (@Spare5)

On February 5, 2016, I received my first Paypal payment proof of $1.04 from Spare5! 

  Spare5-logo Spare5 is a company that allows its members to earn real cash by completing tasks, such as taking surveys, answering short polls, and doing phone session questionnaires and surveys.

Spare5 uses profile and survey data to target experts for tasks. They expand targeting over time as they qualify more experts and use direct notifications to let you know when tasks are available. When tasks are assigned to you, they appear on the Spare5 home screen. Look for push notifications about bonus payment opportunities, exclusive tasks, and other goodies.

How Often Are Tasks Available?

Tasks come in waves. They work closely with partners to turn their data challenges into “task sets.” Some days, many sets are active and available to the entire community, but other times, they may offer very limited availability.

To make sure you receive push notifications of new tasks in the app, be sure to enable notifications for Spare5 on you phone in you settings. You can confirm notifications by visiting Settings › Notifications › Spare5 on your iPhone.

How Do I Get More Tasks Assigned To Me?

Be sure to carefully read task instructions because they’re different for each set and paying attention to detail matters.

Take your time! Careless speeding is a sure way to lose access to future paid tasks.

Members who have consistently put in high-quality effort will rank well in the Spare5 system and be more directly targetable for tasks offered by great companies.

When Do You Get Paid?

If you have at least $1 in accrued earnings for the week, Spare5 pays out to your PayPal address on Fridays. (There are no transaction fees.) Final payment amount is subject to quality review and compliance with Spare5 Community Guidelines.

Please click on the banner below to be led to to the Spare5 iPhone app in the App Store!


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  1. Joe Dupont says:

    Use this link if you want to earn an extra $10 once you get started! This app is a fantastic to spend down time earning extra cash! I earned $100 this week alone!

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