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My PayPal Payment Proof of $3.92 from Fiverr! (Work From Home Micro Jobs)

On November 3rd, 2014, I received a PayPal payment of $3.92 from Fiverr for completing an online gig. The gig that I completed was tweeting 30x to my 30,100+ followers on Twitter via my account @KeyannaRochelle!


Fiverr allows you to create online services to customers for $5 a gig/job. You are also able to purchase services from sellers for $5.

As a buyer, you can find services like:
•Promote info on your Twitter account •Promote info on your Facebook account
•Create website designs
•Banner ideas
•Help others gain Twitter followers •Help others gain Facebook fans
•Sing a song
•Make cartoon drawings
•Make a PowerPoint presentation •Publish ebooks
•And much more…

As a seller, you can create a gig/job with the sentence that looks like this:

I will ________________ for $5.

The image below displays my 3 current and active gigs that are on my Fiverr account. I created gigs that I felt would generate cash, which are tweeting info and promoting banner ads on my website.

  1. Tweet your info to my 24,000+ followers 30 times
  2. Add your 468×60 banner to the top of my website
  3. Add your 125 by 125 banner to the sidebar on the home page on my website


Although Fiverr charges $5 per gig/job, you only get $4 when the gig/job is marked “complete”. Then you are charged again, .08 cents, when the Fiverr website pays you. So you REALLY get $3.92 after the money is sent to you via Paypal.

Since joining in October 2012, I have earned $236. I currently have $5 pending due to an active order to tweet info.


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Learn more ways to generate cash with other micro job websites like Fiverr at our Work From Home Jobs page!


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