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Product Review of 3 Teas at @TEAseIcedTea! #TEAseIcedTea

Hi Influence Money readers!TEAser TEAse Iced Tea

I have the opportunity of sharing a beverage product with you called TEAse Iced Tea! I’ve tasted 3 original teas from TEAse Iced Tea and I’m going to share my honest opinion with you..


But first, here’s a little about TEAse Iced Tea and the company!

TEAse Iced Tea is 100% pure, all-natural honey and organic cane sugar.

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives

TEAse Iced Tea has natural antioxidants and metabolism-boosting qualities, premium-brewed.

The first tea that I tried was the Berry-Blended Black TEAse Iced Tea! This tea was by far my favorite tea! Not because it was the first one that I tried…the flavor was extremely good! I’ve tried tons of tea drinks and it either tasted like a tea bag dipped in water or overly sweetened tea. This tea was just right! It wasn’t too tea-like and it wasn’t too sweet! I actually had this tea with my lunch at work and it meshed extremely well with my meal. (I had buffalo wings and ranch dressing if you were wondering lol)

The second tea that I tried was the Honey & Ginseng Green TEAse Iced Tea! This tea reminded me of the tea you have when you’re having one of those days. This tea tastes a bit more on the natural side. Considering its flavor honey and ginseng, it’s surprisingly very good! I had a refrigerated tea, but I’d prefer this tea hot or at least room temperature. Especially for the cold winter days on the east coast! I would have this tea with a tuna sandwich on rye bread. I think the taste will go great with that texture of the rye and tuna!

The third tea that I tried was the Honey, Pomegranate & Acai Green TEAse Iced Tea! This tea was similar to the second one, however it had a fruity taste to it. I would prefer this tea refrigerated and pair it with a grilled chicken salad.

They even tell you where you can purchase their products from on their website at!

If you would like to connect with the TEAse Iced Tea company you can follow them on Twitter at @TEAseIcedTea, Follow them on Instagram at @TEAseIcedTea, Like their Facebook page at, visit their website!



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