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Promote Your Websites & Referral Links with High Hits Traffic Exchange Program!


High Hits is a traffic exchange site that will bring you “High Hits” also known as traffic or visitors. High Hits is owned by Laura Osborne and is run as a professional and experienced venture that will generate results for your website, referral links and banner ads.

Internet marketing is huge and traffic exchanges are a great way to generate traffic and hits for your sites. With many traffic exchanges launching it is a competitive business and High Hits is aiming to be High in the TE community delivering positive results for you. The fast timer and dynamic surf ratio will enable you to surf smoothly and earn many credits. Join this growing traffic exchange now to start generating hits and receive a free upgrade and 1000 credits to apply to your sites.

How to join High Hits:
1) Use the Join Now link to sign up today.

2) Click on “My Sites” to add up to 5 websites.

3) Click on “My Text Links” to add up to 5 text link ads.

4) Click on “My Banners” to add up to 5 banner ads.

5) Go to “Promote” to get your referral link & your banners to promote your links.

6) Lastly, go to “Start Surfing” to gain credits to apply to your websites and links.

-As a new member you will receive a free upgrade

-After this upgrade expires your account will revert to free membership. You can keep your free account for as long as you wish.

Free membership includes:
* 10% commission
* 3 to 6 credits per site view
* 6 second timer


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