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Future Tweets is a free social media management service that allows you to schedule your Twitter tweets. You’re able to send tweets at a specific time in the future or send a reoccurring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly! Your tweet must be 140 characters or less. It must not be a duplicate tweet that was already scheduled. If it is, it will not be sent trough your account.

Here’s what Future Tweets looks like once you’re logged in…

Great scheduling tips:
-share referrals links to your favorite programs
-share your social media landing pages with your followers
-share good morning and good night tweets
-share your blog post links
-schedule quotes and advice
-schedule birthday shoutouts for your beloved Twitter friends
-schedule launch dates of future projects

Since Future Tweets launched in 2010, 681,978 Tweets were scheduled and 4,499,438 Tweets were delivered.

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