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TweetPeddler is a Twitter marketplace that allows the buying and selling of tweets. Whether you are looking to monetize your Twitter account or take advantage of the power of social media advertising, this is the place for you.

It takes less that 30 seconds to sign up and less than 10 seconds to set up your account. You are able to set your price per tweet and your price per retweet. TweetPeddler earns 35% commission from your transactions. If you charge $1 per tweet/retweet, you will earn 65 cents.

This is a snapshot of my account:
You can advertise on my Twitter account @KeyannaRochelle of 24,536+ followers (as of 11/20/2013) at

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  1. Joesph says:

    I sell tweets on SocialClerks (their twitter market section). It is a great way to make a bit of extra money if you have a lot of followers. Great post!

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