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Unprofessional Customer Service at One Dollarr! (@OneDollarrStore)

One Dollarr is a micro job platform that allows people to buy and sell services online. I shared a blog post on August 1st, 2014 about the program titled Create Your Own Online Jobs at OneDollarr! (@OneDollarrStore). Since then, I received a few orders. I tried to withdraw my earnings, which was $2 at the time, and the withdraw button stated that it was “processing the withdrawal”. I went back to withdraw a few days later and I saw the same message. Then, I emailed the admin to the program and asked why I could not withdraw my earnings. As you can see below, I was very polite about it. The messages that I received from One Dollarr’s admin was extremely rude and unprofessional. They used exclamation points, threatened to delete my account, and basically said that communicating with me was a waste of time and money. This will be the last time that I use this service. I no longer recommend it to anyone.

ONEDOLLERHonestly, this website and many other micro job sites are copies of the major micro job platform called Fiverr. I shared a blog post about this platform titled How I Made $200+ On Fiverr By Promoting Info! As you can see below, I’ve made $232 on Fivver compared to $9.80 on One Dollarr. It’s definitely not worth the drama of using their site anymore, especially when they are rude and unprofessional.

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